Touristic Attractions in Myanmar

To most travelers around the world, Myanmar is one of the most mysterious destinations one can travel across the globe. Myanmar is considered one of the most amazing destinations in Asia because of its unique geographical location as well as features. Besides, the country boasts of some of the most notable historical sites that catch the attention of any visitor.

Myanmar is found on the shores of Bengal Bay, in the south eastern part of Asia. It borders, India and Bangladesh on the northern side, China and Thailand on the northeastern side and the Indian Ocean on the southern border. The number of travelers who spend their vacations in Myanmar has increased steadily over time.

Tourism has stood out as the major source of income for Myanmar due to the many touristic attractions found in the country. The most famous attractions include temples, museums as well as gardens that attract many travelers to spend their holidays in Myanmar. Click here to find Myanmar tours .

The capital city of Myanmar, Yangon, is nicknamed the city of gardens because of the large number of gardens, many tropical trees and national parks all over the city. Besides, there are several museums and temples in the capital city of Myanmar. Most of these tourist attractions are part of the Yangon tour package in Myanmar.

The most remarkable touristic highlight of Myanmar is the Shwedagon pagoda. This is a marvelous attraction which is characterized by a wonderful dome. The dome was constructed in the Stupa style of building. The dome was coated with 800 slots of gold, diamonds, and jewelry. Most of the touristic visits packages to Myanmar include a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The pagoda was established 2500 years ago, and it is one of the most important foundations of the Buddhism religion in Myanmar. The dome of pagoda is a symbol of knowledge because of the many Budahism verses written on it. The dome is more than 1600 meters tall and comprises of many wonderful ornaments making it very impressive and admirable to many visitors who come to Myanmar.

Besides the historical monuments of Myanmar, the country has some wonderful gardens and parks. Some of these parks include the Hlawga National Park which is 30 kilometers from the capital city of Myanmar, Yangon. Some of the unique characteristics of this park include the large impressive lake whose formation was by the construction of a massive dam in the 1920s. The National park is a major attraction site for many visitors who visit Myanmar.